a harvest day with posting.

then buzzed kid brother in hometown again, but he was said by my nephew haunting Internet cafe. so i settled to crack sunflowers’ seeds, brought back from last visit to emakingir’s house, to kill time. its mostly a bright day, but sunshine turned weak in late afternoon. God, let me reach out to more audience in the cozy of Internet, with which i enjoyed so much and believing more splendid/fundamental influence brings by into smooth&expedient reality. God, let me see my words, my message of coming new Ming Dynasty in my title preceding&seeding in ur shine, in ur guidance. God, let the world of ur’s more beautiful and meaningful in proper and grace. God, let me have my girls’ arms&waists sooner, for i m ready for the new life ahead. God, blesses me in Holy, in ur Son. roamed outside again after 7pm, met the only Hubei migrant works in QRRS, i refered as a grey man in previous post, who just returned from his hometown journey. talked about hometown delicacy&my life. told him online resource for his dirty taste. God, isn’t it a deed of ur’s? isn’t the evil continues to probe their problem upon me? isn’t ur miracle to put faith&assurance in my followers? buzzed kid brother&taught him a lesson on google’s wonderful serivce in 8 minutes after returned dorm. he reportedly trying claiming google account. God, pl let it different from last grey day, let it a budding day with golden harvest! God, u sees our wonderful family life in my Royal, forever! God, in the fresh air i smell my girl zhou’s lust for me, brings us together now.


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